Blocking Tool crankshaft sprocket Easyboost Derbi Euro 3 / Euro 4

Product ID: EB021
Manufacturer: EASY BOOST
Easyboost Derbi Euro 3 / Euro 4 crankshaft pinion locking tool
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If you have difficulty; to unscrew the primary gear pinion when you remove the crankshaft of your Derbi engine, this tool will come back to you; useful. This tool is used to lock and unscrew the pinion.
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Made in France, the Easyboost gripping tool & egrave; made of very high quality steel. The surface is galvanized and guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion.
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To make it even more & ugrave; simple removal of the pinion, we recommend using the Easyboost Sprocket Puller.
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crankshaft sprocket locking tool (primary drive pinion)
for Derbi Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines without e-choke
high quality French production
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