Woodruff Key offset (advanced ignition) Stage6 Minarelli

Product ID: S6-80516601
Manufacturer: STAGE6-RD
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Easy-to-use tool if you want to improve traction and response while maintaining the original ignition.
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A disassembled ignition key allows you to adjust the original ignition . The ignition timing can & ograve; be anticipated and therefore optimally adapted to engines with higher revs; high.
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Advancing the ignition timing (pre-ignition or early ignition) compared to a standard ignition leads to better, more torque; power. The range of revolutions is; slightly narrowed, but remains wide enough to allow easy adjustment of the carburetor.
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Simply use instead of the original key.
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For horizontal and vertical Minarelli all models!
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NOTE: the Stage6 out-of-state key will change & agrave; engine rev range, so you may need to re-adjust your carburetor settings!
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